Meet the Chef!



Chef Danial Oakes has brought a new twist to this landmark Broad Street restaurant in time for their 10th anniversary.

Oakes’ culinary portfolio included residencies at The Rogue Gentlemen, Heritage, and Six Burner and he credits his passion, innovation and love for food as having developed at these top Richmond spots.

“I want to keep the southern European focus and concentrate on the freshest locally sourced ingredients,” Oakes, a graduate of Johnson and Wales University, says. “I’m going for simple, clean, strong flavors.”

Taking inspiration from Richmond’s ever-evolving restaurant scene and beyond, Oakes has completely revamped the Bistro 27 menu, using classical French techniques and mixing in elements of Spanish cuisine such as marinated Spanish olives served with locally harvested mushrooms and first pressed olive oil on toasted baguette.

New entrees such as five-hour braised lamb shank and skin-on duck breast with orange gastrique exemplify cuisine meant to win appetites and diner devotion. “It’s exciting to get to make food I like to make.”

With a forward-looking chef, fresh menu and commitment to innovation, Bistro 27 proudly takes its place within the downtown culinary and arts scenes, and as a key player in Broad Street’s past, present, and future.